Meet Mallory Hoenig and Charlie Ulmer

Meet Mallory Hoenig and Charlie Ulmer

Vici is excited to welcome Mallory Hoenig and Charlie Ulmer to the team!  They are both based out of the Philadelphia location.   Mallory’s background is in business marketing, digital communication, and new media, while Charlie’s background was actually in Neuroscience until he made the switch to digital advertising in 2013! Two very smart cookies (and not the kind you can block or delete).  So what makes these two tick?

Top 10 Things About Mallory as told by Mallory:

  1.  I am a Kutztown University alum.  Our mascot is Avalanche the Golden Bear!
  2.  My favorite food is PIZZA! (Even better if it has extra cheese!)
  3.  I love to binge-watch TV shows.  My favorites are Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Parks and Recreation.
  4.  I have a big passion for music.  I love to go to concerts and find new music to listen to!  My first concert was in seventh grade, My Chemical Romance, and some of recent concerts include Twenty One Pilots (my favorite band), The Maine, and Jon Bellion.  I’m hoping to see Halsey and Lorde when they come to Philadelphia!
  5.  I am a die-hard New York Mets fan, which is a little difficult living in Philadelphia!
  6.  I am a Disney freak!  I have been to Disney World eight times… and I have driven every time (16+ hours)!
  7.  I recently traveled to Portugal, which was my first time on a plane! I saw the Pena Palace that sits in the sky in Sintra, Belem Tower in Lisbon, the First University in Portugal (which inspired a lot of Harry Potter), and more!
  8.  Outside of planning digital marketing campaigns I am a makeup artist and started my makeup addiction in sixth grade.
  9.  I hate chocolate.
  10.  I love roller coasters, especially those at Hershey Park and Six Flags.

Top 10 Things About Charlie as told by Charlie:

  1.  I recently returned from Paris, France. What a great experience!
  2.  I was raised outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania! Arguably the pizza capital of the world.
  3.  In high school I was voted ‘Best Smile’.
  4.  I am a Temple University alum. GO OWLS!
  5.  I am an avid hiker. I have summited 28 of 46 high peaks in the Adirondack Mountains!
  6.  I am a bookworm. I am currently reading Originals by Adam Grant.
  7.  I am most likely to be found in a Café.  I drink coffee black.
  8.  I watch a lot of movies. My favorite is Nightcrawler featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz Ahmed. (Thankful Gyllenhaal autocorrected)
  9.  I enjoy great tasting food. I love duck from Chinatown.
  10.  I am fascinated by people’s stories. The triumphs and tribulations. What’s yours?

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