How to Create Compelling Online Videos

How to Create Compelling Online Videos

Video is Hot Hot Hot and stats prove that it is in high demand by digital users.

User-generated and professional videos increase brand engagement by 28%.

Particularly millennials trust user-generated content and video twice as much.

And 80% would rather watch a live video than read a blog.

Hopefully you keep reading this blog to learn more about how to create online videos that will ultimately engage your audience.

First step is to remember the ABC and D’s

Attention, Branding, Connection & Direction.

Let’s talk about them each individually.


Capturing your audiences’ attention from the start is key and keeping their attention. Attention is a top driver of high-performing ads. What does this mean? The first five seconds is crucial, considering all we are exposed to online daily. Consumers love a good story and this can be done with great audio or visuals or both.  You can achieve this with exaggerated reactions, sound effects or voices that cut thru the clutter.

Imagine you are telling a story to a family member or close friend; you need to jump in right from the beginning in order for them to be interested in what you have to say. Focus on what you have to sell whether it be a product or service. Using multiple angles and close-ups are also some nice video tips to keep the user engaged. It is important to pair that with nice  visuals to draw the viewer in. For instance, if I saw this video below, I would wonder why is there a dog and a kid in space and I want to view more.







Many believe videos have to be overproduced, but many user-generated content videos perform just as well as higher quality content as it seems more genuine.







Making sure your video conveys an accurate picture of your business or brand is important. This can be with consistent logo usage, colors and text. Don’t abandon things that would not resonate to the users and are off-brand.  This can also include consistent music, voices and/or jingles. If these standards have not been established, it is important to make some decisions so they can be carried out across all creative messaging. You want them to remember your brand and set the tone for what your brand is.


If you have ever met someone for the first time or even gone on a first date, it is important to connect from the very beginning. First impressions are key. In this case remember after you hook them in the beginning and grab their attention, you want to keep their attention. Make sure your video is not too long and is fluid and follows the flow of a heartbeat, nice highs and lows. You can do this with repeating visuals and make sure the story you are telling is not complicated and continue to use close-ups and visuals to carry it out.








Lastly, direction. What is it you want the consumer to do? Remember a special offer? Call a number? Visit a location? Feel a certain way about your brand? This should be woven into the video and also included at the end as reminder to the user to DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO. If  you have ever heard the phrase, “Keep it simple stupid!”, this is important so it is clear what you want them to do. Do not overcomplicate things by having them remember too many steps. The call to action should be simple and concise.

Ok, now we have covered the A, B, C and D’s. You are Ready for the Action!

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