When the pandemic hit in early 2020, I do not think anyone had any idea how it would impact our daily lives. Work environments changed, school dynamics changed and the world of 6 feet of separation changed every industry, especially the health care world.

Common conversations in any household include words and phrases like “exposure”, “contract tracing”, “vaccines”, “is it a cold or covid?”, “quarantine”, “tests”, “mask-up” and more.









All eyes and ears are focused on health and wellness and the constant question in everyone’s mind is, “where do we go from here?” At first you think of all the new-ness Covid has brought about, like testing, vaccines, and self-diagnosing and education, but it has affected so many health-related businesses in so many ways. We are all in need of self-care and making sure we are mindful to take care of ourselves. Some ways this can be accomplished is through nutrition, diet, exercise, mental health and preventive health and wellness. And with all our routines and lifestyles changing, the medical landscape has been changed significantly.  As we adapt, it is essential for advertisers to pivot and keep up with the latest trends and strategies to reach their audience in a whole new way. U.S. Ad Spending for the Health & Wellness category surpassed $900 Million in Q4 2021.state-of-health-wellness-ads-report-2022

Some of the digital leaders for health and wellness have been mobile marketing, social, display and video. Social climbed the charts in 4th qtr 2021 with with a 70% share of spending. Vici has seen many great success stories in this space in a variety of different types of health and wellness campaigns.

Here are a few that topped the charts.

Category: Fitness

A national wellness membership brand was looking to determine the best media mix for their membership campaign for their nine locations.  They needed to penetrate a 5-mile radius of all locations, as research showed most members will travel within 5 miles of their home to visit a gym/wellness facility. Their main membership push is in the Winter to Spring months.

Focus on targeting prospects that look just like their best customers. The target customers for this campaign were adults that “follow a regular exercise routine”, that like basketball, weight training, swimming, cardio, and exercise regularly. To target these prospects, we recommended geo-targeting specific neighborhood based on previous membership heat maps and active users utilizing Mobile Conquesting and behaviors that coincide with their core customers. For example: families with children, singles, couples, HH income $75k+ and market for fitness, health clubs, aftercare programs, swim, basketball, personal training and group exercise.

After the launch of the campaign the click thru rate was a .92, 13 times the national average, and 1,532 memberships were obtained. The next promotion yielded 3,135 memberships and the next season 3,795 memberships. Overall, the success continues to climb and memberships top season over season.


Category: Healthcare – Addiction Treatment

A regional Addiction Treatment Center, who turned to digital advertising to generate more leads saw great success and was looking for new ways to reach
more people who suffer from addiction, especially during COVID-19. The goal was to increase patient lead intake online.

Digital Strategy:
Facebook Social Mirroring was recommended to broaden the reach of socialaudiences outside of their Facebook app. An online campaign was designed
and launched utilizing a Social Mirror strategy to engage adults who feel isolated and alone and need help. The call to action was, “I want treatment now” that directed them to a phone # or a click to landing page with comforting messages about positive connections that could connect them with help and encouraged them for them to fill out a form or engage in live chat messaging.

The additional impressions that ran for this campaign on social mirroring were 150,806 and resulted in 4,421 clicks with a click thru rate of 2.93%. This is a remarkable percentage as it is nearly 42 x the national average. Plus, the campaign had 163 view thru visits (home page visits)
and 11 new patient conversions in the first month of launch.  With a per patient ROI of $3500, the client was thrilled with the results of this cutting-edge strategy.

Category: Public Health

County health department wanted to use digital advertising in a branding and awareness campaign aimed to promote COVID-19 safety measures and provide testing locations and information to the Hispanic community.

The client utilized Mobile Conquesting categories targeting Hispanics and demographics set to Hispanic or Latino ethnicity combined with Geo-Fencing and Geo-Retargeting. A social strategy was also included and involved Facebook Video ads using categories to target Hispanic community members in provided zip codes who also had their browser set to Spanish. All ads were created in Spanish.

The campaign served 1,071,509 impressions and reaped an impressive 12,890 clicks resulting in a 1.20% CTR which is 17.19 times the national average.  The campaign was able to track almost 200 view through visits to the homepage and drove an estimated 500 trackable visits to testing locations. The Facebook portion of the campaign received an incredible 58,237 post engagements and almost 250 post shares. The client has renewed the campaign and is extremely pleased with the results.


Category:  Health and Wellness

With Heart Month around the corner our Hospital Client wanted to increase screenings for a heart disease risk assessment called a “calcium heart scan”.  With complicated language and a very niche market it would be challenging to isolate candidates through offline marketing only.  The Client was looking for a solution that targeted current cardiac patients who had been given information by their primary physician that they might be at risk for heart disease.

We identified the ideal patient profile and the typical behavior of a patient who is minimally aware about their risk for heart disease.  We determined that it was important that the Client be found for key Heart related searches online as that is where patients typically turn, but also that we reach out to ideal adults via online and offline methods to find patients not already aware of their risk.  We built a 13 week program of broadcast radio, and health targeted behavioral and keyword display ads.


The client reported, “Call volume to our tracking number increased 93% in January from the previous month and 17% in February from the previous month.  We saw a 16% increase in booked appointments in January from the previous month and a 20% increase in February from the previous month.  We are thrilled with the results!”

US digital ad spending will grow by nearly 50% in the next four years. By 2025, the digital ad market will top $300 billion—more than three-quarters of all media spending. Digital has eclipsed all other forms of advertising. Healthcare is a large % of where the rise will be coning from. What does your digital check-up look like for 2022 and beyond?