Generation X Edges Out Millenials in Facebook Use…But Not Selfies.

Generation X Edges Out Millenials in Facebook Use…But Not Selfies.

Generation X, the middle population of 65 million Americans ages 34-49, are frequently recognized as being squished in between the older, dominant Baby Boomers and the young, free-spirited Millennials.  And boy does Generation X love their mobile technology and social media!  Despite blatantly targeting every new tech trend to be marketed towards millennials, it’s Gen Xers that spend the most time texting, browsing, talking, and taking selfies on their mobile phones.  Well, maybe not the selfie part…  According to Marketing Charts, Gen Xers account for more time spent on a mobile device in the entertainment, restaurant, auto and telecom category than both the Baby Boomers and Millenials.

GenX Smartphone Use

Although Gen X slightly edged the Millenials out in the mobile phone use category, according to an eMarketer report, mobile phones aren’t the only tech device that the “Xers” are addicted to. The generation that grew up alongside the internet is also hooked on Facebook.

The report says that two-thirds of US Gen X internet users will use Facebook at lease monthly this year.  But since this group has proven to be so savvy with their mobile phones, which gives easy access to Facebook, it’s safe to say that these users are using “the Facebook” more often than monthly.

Perhaps because of their loyalty to Facebook, this generation is significantly less venturesome when it comes to trying new mobile social media applications.  EMarketer predicts that 30% of 18-24 year olds in the US will use Twitter at least monthly, but the percentage of Gen Xers is not even half of that, and even lower for Instagram use.

According to a Pew Research study, which claims that Generation X is in fact, “American’s Neglected Middle Child,” Gen X might be devoted to keeping up with their social circles on Facebook, but they are still very traditional in their use of the social media platform:

55% of Millenials say they have shared a selfie on social media.

24% of Gen Xers have.

9% of Baby Boomers have.


Millenials say they have an average of 250 Facebook friends.

Gen Xers say they have an average of 200.

Baby Boomers trail behind with 98.

Generation X: The Middle Child of America...Literally.
Generation X: The Middle Child of America…Literally.

A Generation X Facebook user might be more interested in using the hugely popular platform to make connections old friends and family, read news articles, or post pictures of their children…not themselves.

Because this Generation’s social media habits are so uniform and predictable, it is easier for them to be targeted by marketers.

According to eMarketer, “Since Gen Xers aren’t as likely to experiment with the latest social service to pop up, a brand that wants to connect with them in the social environment can be confident of finding them in the most obvious part of it.”  And what is the most obvious social environment in the tech world?  Facebook.

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