Desktop Ads Are Still Holding Strong In A Mobile World

Desktop Ads Are Still Holding Strong In A Mobile World

Mobile usage is absolutely exploding, but that does not mean that we should ignore the steady performance of desktop.  A smart marketing strategy will leverage the strengths of each device and maximize their unique contributions to the campaign.

As mobile continues to grow and evolve, so do the opportunities to advertise using mobile strategies.  However, that does not mean it is time to move all your advertising dollars to mobile – it is still imperative to have desktop in in the mix.

Even though consumers are now spending roughly three hours a day on their smartphones (versus one hour a day five years ago) consumers still continue to engage with other devices. So while the time spent on mobile is on the rise, we are still using other devices as well, and most importantly, we use them differently.

Looking at the devices we use during a typical workday – it is clear we are a three-screened world. We fuel up and wind down with mobile and tablets, while desktops rule our work hours. In addition to using different devices at different times of the day, we also use different devices for different things – especially when it comes to conversions.

Desktops play a crucial role in more complex purchases and conversions, while easy conversions happen more on mobile. For example, while I’m likely to use mobile to convert when it comes to a click to call or map for directions… if I am applying for financing or making a purchase I’m more likely to rely on my desktop.  Marketers should consider the conversion strategy and use their digital budgets accordingly – leaving desktop in the mix!  In fact, most conversions are still taking place on desktops. According to eMarketer, 80 percent of conversions are taking place on desktops, versus 20 percent on mobile.  Of course performance will vary across verticals, though US consumers still use desktop for the majority of their online purchases.

It is all about leveraging strengths. Yes mobile is huge, but desktop it not dead! It is all about having a smart strategy and leveraging the strengths of each device to bring about the main goal: more conversions.

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