We have successful media partners in radio, television, print and outdoor across the United States. If you are interested in offering digital solutions to your customers, but do not have the time or resources to build a full service digital operation yourself, our partners program may be the right option for you. Our partners are billing thousands of dollars of new digital business every month. You can generate huge new digital dollars with just a handful of clients. We will work on your behalf behind the scenes and under your brand name. We would train your sales staff, work with you on responding to client questions, place all media and provide you with state of the art reporting metrics…all without letting them know about us. With digital advertising projected to be at an all-time high in 2015, now is a great time to join our partners program!

great falls new market

We have partners in the following markets:

Albany, NY- Television
Albuquerque, NM- Television

Atlanta, GA- Radio
Cape Cod, MA- Radio
Chicago, IL- Radio
Cincinnati, OH- Radio
Denver, CO- Radio
Duluth, MN- Television
Frederick, MD- Radio
Great Falls, MT- Radio
Greenville, SC- Radio
Miami, FL- Radio
Minneapolis, MN- Radio
Minneapolis, MN- Television

Missoula, MT- Radio
Philadelphia, PA- Radio

Phoenix, AZ- Radio
Rochester, NY- Television
San Diego, CA- Radio
Seattle, WA- Radio
St. Louis, MO- Radio
Washington, D.C.- Radio