Ad Blockers: No Need to Panic

Ad Blockers: No Need to Panic

In 2010, when internet users were granted the ability to block ads, advertisers were put into a tailspin of panic, thinking the ecosystem of digital advertising was about to be seriously disrupted.  The threat of destroying the entire system of digital advertising was soon proven to be irrelevant.

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This outdated argument became null when in the 5 years since ad blockers came out, online ad revenues rose steadily for most large publishers and websites.

Ad blocking has become a hot topic once again with the iOS 9 release looming.  When Apple’s new software update comes out, some users will immediately download a new ad blocker app.  Over time, more ad blocker apps are likely to be released,  so Android is sure to follow suit.

Now people are predicting that ad blockers will surely devastate online advertisers because with smaller screens, less data space and longer load times, online ads are certain to annoy mobile device users more than desktop, right?  Wrong.

Businesses know how to reach their audiences and they know they need to do everything they can do succeed in optimal brand exposure. Yes, ad blockers may have a negative impact on huge, pop-up spam ads that consume your whole screen, but advertisers who use smart ad techniques will continue to see a growth in revenue.

A steady growth in revenue proves that throughout the last 5 years, internet users’ tendencies to spend more time on more pages grew to be a much bigger trend than ad blocking.  Businesses caught on to this trend and realized that if they want to find their target audience, the place to look is online.

Using unique digital strategies and products make it easy to put your brand’s ad in front of the right people, making them less likely to block it out and more likely to convert.

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