It is estimated that a person living in a city 30 years ago saw up to 2,000 ad messages a day, compared with up to 5,000 today according to recent research.  With so many messages bombarding consumers on the daily – how do you break through and get your message to the right consumer?  By targeting.

Targeting consumers online can be one of the greatest ways to break through the masses of messages and reach a specific consumer.  Although targeting has received a bad reputation from some digital audiences who refer to it as disturbing or intrusive – new research indicates that US digital shoppers appear to find at least some targeting helpful.

An eMarketer study found:

More than three in five US digital shoppers (62%) believe digital ads are largely well targeted to their interests.  

Targeted Digital AdsThe younger respondents were more likely to agree, however even with respondents aged 55 and older, 50% of them agreed digital ads were properly targeted for them.

The survey also found that 61% of digital shoppers thought ads for sites they had recently visited—that is, retargeted ads—were helpful for completing purchases.

If you are not doing a Retargeting campaign for your website, you are missing out on these key potential customers.

Geo-targeting was also beneficial as respondents reported being more open to advertisements from local businesses.


In fact, 71% of digital shoppers said they were more likely to respond to ads from local businesses than to ones run by national chains.

Accurately targeted ads mean relevant ads, and relevant ads drive better response.  40% of US internet users said personal relevance motivated them to respond to ads.

So how do you make your digital ads relevant?  You target your ads to the right audience and to your specific ideal customer. You accomplish that by using our targeted Ad Networks, Keyword Targeting and Behavioral Targeting.  

You find new customers by using Ad Networks which is showing ads on groups of websites targeted to the type of audience you want to reach.  You reach new potential customers by using Keyword Targeting, which is showing ads to people who search specific keywords or visit webpages that contain those keywords.  You reach people while they are interested by doing Behavioral Targeting which is showing ads to people based on their previous online behaviors and interests.

Remember targeted = relevant and relevant = conversions!