Should I Use Behavioral Targeting or Ad Networks?

Should I Use Behavioral Targeting or Ad Networks?

Behavioral TargetingYes! It’s not an either/or, you should use both.  Behavioral Targeting is very specific, and will display your ads to people already interested in your product. That’s a great and very effective way to reach your target customer, but if you ONLY do Behavioral Targeting you are missing out on many other consumers who may be interested in your product but don’t know about it yet.

With Behavioral Targeting you are buying a specific user and with Ad Networks you are buying content. Ad Networks are comprised of websites that have content that appeals to a certain demographic or audience. Therefore, it is contextual targeting based on the content of a website.

Behavioral Targeting targets the cookies of people who have demonstrated an interest in a particular category. It targets the behaviors of an individual, and displays an ad to them regardless of what website they are on or whether or not it has anything to do with the product you are selling.

Ad Networks are a great way to reach users who may have an interest in what you’re selling, but don’t know your product yet. Be sure to have a good mix of Behavioral Targeting categories and Ad Networks to make your next campaign a success!

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