Meet Lindsey Monahan

Meet Lindsey Monahan

Hello there! My name is Lindsey Monahan and I’m a Digital Campaign Coordinator for Vici.  I specialize in planning and managing digital marketing campaigns for clients throughout the country.  But here are some things you might not know about me:

lindsey monahan

1.    I was born in South Korea, adopted and raised in South Jersey.
2.    I love the taste of coffee and will take a cup any time of the day.
3.    I’m an animal lover, but partial to cats and dogs.
4.    I love spending time with my family and friends.
5.    I don’t have a favorite sports team, but I still love sports whether its participating or spectating.
6.    Food and Netflix are my favorite past time.
7.    I enjoy live music and festivals.
8.    I really love to travel and learn about other cultures.
9.    I love living in Philadelphia and exploring the diverse neighborhoods.
10.  Marketing is great because its an ever-changing landscape, and it’s fun to evolve with it!

Myself and the Vici team look forward to working with you!

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