Meet Alex Mancini!

Meet Alex Mancini!

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Nice to meet ya, I’m Alex, and I am not a boy as some people would assume (Alex is a girl’s name too!). I started my journey with Vici Media as an intern with the company during my final semester of college and liked it so much that I relentlessly pursued our Senior Partners until they hired me (kidding, a little).

Besides being beyond thrilled to be working for such an up and coming company, here are ten “interesting” facts about me:

1.) I was born and lived in San Diego, California for five years.

2.) I have been trained in opera singing since I was 15 (I’m going to regret admitting this).

3.) I spent this past summer backpacking through South America.

4.) I am hopelessly in love with avocados.

5.) I have never in my entire life played a video game.

6.) I, like the other girls I work with, LOVE food. Whenever I eat something I particularly like, I start doing an involuntary happy dance.

7.) “Do you like feminist rants? Because that’s kind of my thing“.

8.) The song “I’m Too Sexy” By Right Said Fred was #1 in the US the day I was born, and I truly believe it has shaped the entirety of my life.

9.) I have read the Harry Potter series too many times to remember and yes this makes me a nerd.

10.) My favorite number is 32 but I’m not going to tell you why.

Thanks for reading!

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