Digital Marketing

Change Your Business Hours on Google

When you Google yourself, what do you see? Your customer’s are doing searches everyday looking for business information, and if they aren’t seeing your address, business hours, aggregated reviews, and directions to your location you are missing valuable leads.  Nothing is more frustrating then driving to business that is closed- or even navigating to the wrong address because your [...]

Fat fingers? Never fear! Accidental clicks just got a lot harder to make.

How many times have you been scrolling along on your mobile phone and accidentally clicked on an advertisement? Well, you’re not alone. To address it, Google has implemented several changes to reduce accidental clicks on mobile display ads. First, Google has identified the border of an image as those areas are particularly prone to accidental clicks. If you tap the [...]

Credit Union and Banks Turn to Digital to Reel in New Customers

Banks and credit unions are businesses that have served their customers’ financial services and needs for centuries.  As many traditional industries are still learning to adapt to new technology, financial services are leading the change in the digital evolution as they attempt to keep up with our new fast-paced lifestyles. There is no disputing that technology has had an incredible [...]

The Future of Digital Advertising 2015 vs 2019

Digital marketing is expected to have a bright future. As consumer behavior migrates online, so will advertiser spending. In fact, online advertising is expected to overtake TV advertising in size by 2019. Below is an infographic that details the amount of spending and where that spending will be allocated: TV advertising spending is projected to grow from 71.1 billion this year [...]

Tips for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t want the best, especially when it comes to your digital campaigns? Well, good news because there are simple things you can do to optimize your campaign right now. These strategies are simple and easy to implement and will help your campaigns so you can see results. The first thing you’re going to want to do is focus on [...]

100 Posts Later…Check Out Vici’s Most Read Blog Posts!

  Today is an exciting day for us at Vici Media, we are celebrating our 100th blog post!  We take pride in providing you with digital marketing education, campaign strategies, and trends in the ever-changing online marketing world. To commemorate 100 blog posts about effective digital marketing strategies, check out our five most popular posts ever.    These posts and many other [...]

Panic Over Click-Through Rates? Google Can Help!

Some of the most frequently asked questions in digital advertising revolve around click-through rates (CTR).  So what is a good CTR and what is a bad CTR?  The national average click-through rate for display ads as a whole is 0.07% (Criteo).  Keep in mind, that’s across all industries and all ad sizes.  So it’s important to know how your [...]

Is Mobile Eclipsing Desktop?

All around the cyber world, especially in the digital marketing universe, people are insisting that mobile usage will soon exceed PC usage. Although mobile usage has grown over the past few years, it has not eclipsed desktop usage. In fact, it seems as though desktop usage is increasing! According to the chart below from comScore, desktop usage has remained relatively [...]

Do Cookies Work on Mobile Phones?

A cookie is is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that website.  A cookie can track everything from the websites the user visits afterwards, their behavior, purchase decisions, etc.  Cookies can even deploy ads back to the user inviting them to revisit the original [...]

How the Millennial Smartphone Addiction Can Benefit You

Do millennials ever put their phones down? No.  In fact, 24% of millennials attached themselves to their smartphones less than 5 minutes after waking up.  An even more astounding 52% of millennials start using their smart phones just after being awake for 5 minutes.  Throughout the rest of the day, these digital obsessed millennials are likely to check their smartphones [...]

Explaining the “View Through”

Think click-through rates (CTR) are the only way to manage engagement with your digital ads? WRONG!  View-through rate (VTR) can make a huge impact on your advertising strategy by showing what digital elements are working for your campaign.  A view-through measures someone seeing an ad, and then returning to your homepage through another channel, without clicking on the ad [...]

Just What Is An Effective CTA?

CTA is Call-To-Action!  You can have the greatest digital strategy implemented but if your ads don’t have an equally great CTA – a compelling reason for the person to click or convert – then your campaign will not get the results you want. So, just what is an effective CTA?  Something that reaches out and grabs your potential customer and [...]

Shop ‘Til You Drop: Digital Influence on Retail Sales Hits $2.2 Trillion

Could this be the end of coupon mailers and Sunday ads? The year 2015 has shown an immense positive correlation between digital advertising and in-store retail sales.  Digital advertising is expected to influence 64 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores, or $2.2 trillion, by the end of this year. This figure has grown considerably since 2012, where digital advertising [...]

Digital Ad Spending Approaches 60 Billion This Year!

Digital Ad Spending is expected to reach about $60 Billion this year, and retailers will comprise 22% of that, or $12.9 billion. Retailers, by far, outpace all other industries. According to Victoria Petrock at eMarketer, “mobile, digital video, and programmatic buying are the brightest stars in the digital advertising lineup.” Retailers will spend nearly twice as much as any other industry [...]

Does My Business HAVE to Blog? Yes.

As a business owner, you may have asked yourself- What is the point of blogging?  What do I blog about?  Do I HAVE to blog? Yes. Not only do you have to, but you want to. As of May 2015, there were more than 47 billion Web pages indexed on Google.  Instead of letting the 47,000,000,000 other pages intimidate you, educate [...]

Mobilegeddon 2015: What Happened and What Happens Next

The weeks leading up to Mobilegeddon put many businesses into a frenzied panic as they tried to make their website mobile responsive or optimized by April 21st in order to avoid the wrath of Google’s new algorithm. Now that April 21st is behind us, many companies might be asking, “so what happened?”  According to Google, there was a 4.7% increase [...]

Internet Advertising Is #1 In Total Ad Spending In 2014

It’s no secret that ad spending in digital is growing.  In fact, in 2014 the highest advertising revenue was directed towards the Internet.  According to the chart below, 49.5 billion dollars was spent in online advertising alone in 2014, making it the highest advertising media by revenue. These numbers are steadily growing.  According to a study done by Duke University, mobile [...]

Digital And Automotive Dealers…By The Numbers

A new report by NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) has some fascinating information about how automotive dealerships are using digital advertising and where they are spending their ad budgets overall.  Here are some highlights from the report for 2014: This was the fifth year of growth for automotive sales, with the average growth rate up over 9 percent since 2010. [...]

So You Have a Bad Online Review, What Now?

Online reputation management consists of monitoring, improving and maintain the publicly available online information about your business. As the internet becomes more mobile, on-the-go and fast-paced, it becomes much easier for your customers to research the good and the bad about your company.  Not only is it easier for customers to find reviews about your company, it is also extremely [...]

Household IP Targeting: The Digital Replacement of Direct Mail

Let’s be honest, how often to you get advertisements through direct mail and how often does that marketing piece end up in the recycling bin?  Here’s how direct mail stacks up: Just how much do consumers dislike direct mail?  51% of people have a negative/very negative reaction to receiving an advertising card or flier through direct mail. This is greater [...]

Digital Leads Traditional Media In Average Time Spent Per Day

According to a recent article in eMarketer, digital media continues to surpass traditional media in amount of time spent with major media by US adults.  In 2015, the average adult will spend 5 hours and 38 minutes with digital media each day!  To put that growth in perspective, that number was just 3 hours and 40 minutes in 2011. TV, [...]

Who Is Your Social Media Audience?

As a business, you may have asked yourself many times, how do I connect with my audience? Social media is an effective way to help businesses connect on a personal level with their customers. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter allow contact directly from business to customer and essentially puts a face to the business and encourages upfront communication [...]

Mobile vs Desktop. Is one better than the other?

It’s no secret that desktops and mobiles rule consumers’ online experience, but when are these devices most prevalent? In a recent study done by Chitika, peak times are examined for mobile vs. desktop usage in the US and Canada. The common belief is that mobile and smartphones will soon be overtaking desktops as more and more users are turning [...]

Are You Looking For More Conversions On Your Website?

If you are looking to boost the number of conversions  your website gets from mobile users, the answer looks like it’s behind door number 3… Contests! Formstack’s “Form Conversion” study analyzed 665,000 user account contributions and 117,577 form types all collected in January 2015. The research only looked at mobile-responsive forms, which are designed to be filled out easily on smartphones and [...]

Search Retargeting, Keyword Targeting, and PPC: What’s the difference?!

Well, they’re all good ways to optimize your digital campaign! Search retargeting, keyword targeting, and PPC (pay-per-click) are all forms of keyword advertising, and oftentimes get confused for one another.  While they are similar in some aspects, they each have unique responsibilities that make them different. Outlined below is the function each one serves: Keyword Targeting is probably the most [...]

How Do I Install My Mobile Redirect on My WordPress Site?

Your mobile optimized site is complete!  You’ve beat the April 21 Google deadline and your mobile site is ready to ensure your customers the most user-friendly website experience of their lives, right?  Not so fast.  Now it is time to make sure your site visitors are properly redirected from your desktop site to the mobile optimized site. Redirect scripts are [...]

Behavioral Targeting: what is it and why does it matter?

There’s a reason display ads are so widely used: they get results.   To take your digital marketing to the next level, we suggest our clients add behavioral targeting to the mix.  Like retargeting, behavioral targeting uses online tracking to follow a user’s web-browsing behavior and compiles that data to determine what ad to display to that user. There are three major [...]

How Will Building a (M.) Mobile Website Affect My SEO?

Mobile Websites.  You’ve heard the hype, you’ve seen the Google announcements, you know that mobile sites are not only recommended but soon-to-be mandatory on April 21st if your business wishes to maintain a successful Google search ranking. Now that you know your site has to be mobile responsive or optimized within the next month, you may be on your way [...]

My Bounce Rate is Too High. What Should I Do?

It’s a little troublesome having a high bounce rate. This essentially means that a user was on your page and then left (bounced) rather than continuing to view other pages. A high bounce rate is a conversion killer. Because bounce rate measures people who bounced off a single page, it shows that they didn’t explore other pages of your website. [...]

Reputation Management and SEO, Two Peas in a Pod

“If you lose money for the firm, I will be understanding.  If you lose reputation, I will be ruthless,” said Warren Buffet. Reputation management  has become a necessary component to many successful businesses in the internet age where any customer can say anything about their experience with a company’s product or services.  A company’s reputation can be permanently tarnished with [...]

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly by April 21 or Lose Traffic

You’ve heard it here: mobile devices are the hottest platforms for effective digital marketing strategies.  Not sold on the mobile marketing trend yet?  This may change your mind,  because for the first time ever, not having a responsive or optimized mobile site can negatively impact your businesses’ success. Starting April 21, Google will be penalizing websites that are not optimized or responsive to [...]

Unknown Social Media Sites for Your Business.

No doubt about it, we are in the social media age.  It is common and almost necessary for businesses to have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and a LinkedIn page since it is one of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to publicize your company.  However, there are a world of social media sites just waiting to be [...]

Desktop Reigns Supreme in Ecommerce Traffic and Revenue

You have probably heard a lot about new digital marketing trends for digital devices.  It seems like every week a new research study proves which digital device customers prefer for shopping and browsing. With all the trends, statistics and competition among devices, it is easy to get overwhelmed trying to keep up with the dozens of ways to attract a customer [...]

How to optimize your SEO strategy.

Let’s face it, these days SEO (search engine optimization) is essential. What SEO does is create an exceptional user experience and communicates your strategies to search engines so they will recommend your website for relevant searches. Here are three simple ways to optimize your SEO, and reach more consumers around the web. Be relevant. AKA organize your website to comply [...]

Lifecycles to Lifestyles: Why You Should Get to Know Your Customer

When was the last time you walked, drove, sat or went anywhere without seeing handfuls of people with their faces glued to their smartphone screens?  Between distractions like internet browsing, social media, emails, texting, and phone calls, how can you capture your customer’s attention? Get to know them individually.  Understand their consumer habits.  Become an integrated part of their lifestyle. Marketing [...]

How should I measure my KPIs?

It is important for digital marketers to understand key performance indicators. Key Performance Indicators or KPIs give you a way to measure how your campaign is performing against your business objectives. When you start a campaign, make sure to outline your goals, and once you have them, be sure to translate them into quantifiable objectives. These measurable goals will [...]

Mobile Tops eCommerce in Traffic, Trails in Sales

You might be in the East Coast stuck in your house with snow up to your roof, or you might be in the West Coast lounging in the sun avoiding going indoors.  Either way, is your mobile phone in your hand?  If not, is it more than three feet from your hand?  Most likely not.    The population’s addiction to [...]

So retargeting will cause my ad to follow people? CREEPY!

There is a fine, fine line between being creepy and being, let’s say, involved. Marketers love the idea of retargeting. It’s personalized advertising! You are following someone around online who recently visited your website and showed an interest in your product. What could go wrong? Well, to those who don’t have an understanding of retargeting, it can be a [...]

Valentine’s Day: A Digital Marketing Love Affair

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that will win your sweetheart over?  Look no further than your favorite digital device. Valentine’s Day is known not only for love and romance, but also for business and consumer driven behaviors: shopping and advertising.  According to, data from recent years shows that couples are not the only consumers driven to spend this [...]

The Agile Marketing Phenomenon!

Getting involved with digital marketing is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. Digital marketing gives consumers the access to products and information at any time or anywhere. While it’s not impossible to run a business without digital marketing, your company would be at a severe disadvantage. However, when approaching this field, it’s important to [...]

The Power of the View-Through

How many display ads do you think you are exposed to in one day?  Tens, twenties or even hundreds?  Believe it or not, the number falls closer to the upper levels of the spectrum. Between the countless billboards, magazines, television and internet ads we pass by hundreds of times a day, it is apparent that display advertising has made a [...]

Is my A/B test done yet?!

I can relate to the excitement of getting definitive answers, especially when those answers will directly affect your business. Unfortunately, A/B testing is something that depends on waiting until the right moment. So how do you know when that right moment is? A test stopped too early can yield inaccurate results. These results can range from merely inaccurate to completely [...]

Google Analytics Can Tell Me When I Should Advertise?

The folks who bring you Google Analytics have just released some first quarter insights from the previous two years that could help you decide when it is best to beef up your marketing in the coming weeks. They analyzed billions of Google Analytics sessions and found that “in particular, the week of February 5th (also known as the week [...]

What is SEO and Why Does it Matter?

SEO is a digital marketing tool that has blown up in the last 3 years from a new “trend” to a marketing staple that has endured the ever-changing strategies and rules of digital marketing. According to Search Engine Land, SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial,” or “natural” search results on [...]

Should you invest in a mobile app? Hmmm…maybe not.

Making an app for your business seems to be what everyone’s doing right now. 2014 was even referred to as the “year of mobile,” however, the roles mobile played in 2014 will be changing in 2015. Mobile is expected to become such a normal part of one’s daily life, it will eventually fade from consumers’ consciousness. The differences between accessing [...]

We Are A (Insert Your Type Of Company Here), Do We Really Need To Blog?

The short answer? Yes! I recently was talking with the owner of a plumbing company and I told him that he needed to add a blog to his website. His response? “Who the *&!# is going to read a blog about plumbing?” Fair enough. I explained to him that the purpose of a blog is not just to educate and [...]

Put and End to Pinching and Zooming With a Mobile Optimized Site

As mobile internet use continue to skyrocket among the large population of digital device users, it becomes more difficult for brands to maintain their websites to keep up with the ever-changing and developing new devices.  While having a user-friendly site is a benefit to web users, it can be a burden to web developers and business owners who struggle [...]

What Is A “View-Through” And Why Should I Care?

Google recommends that advertisers track View-Through Conversions. Here’s what Google says, “Measure the success of your display ad campaigns by using View-Through Conversions… View-Through Conversions are what happens when a customer sees an ad (but doesn’t click), and then later completes a conversion on your site.” In order to track View-Throughs, a pixel code is placed on your website. Google [...]